© 2020 Newspaper spreads and 'zine

One-off art ‘zine that’s a 'sort of' catalogue to an exhibition that’s never happened.

Photographs, slogans and barbed comment about what goes on in art galleries were printed onto newspaper spreads that could be pasted or pinned up on walls to make a ‘sort of’ exhibition virtually anywhere.

The ‘zine includes installation shots of the newspapers. These were photographed in a gallery closed in Coronavirus lockdown limbo, where I was exhibiting another project. The project was included in my actual exhibition 'News From Nowhere' held in October 2021 at Making Space Gallery in London. 

The original spreads were printed on Broadsheet or Tabloid sized 55gsm newsprint, the 40-page ‘zine is Mini-Tabloid sized (250x170mm) also on 55gsm newsprint and is in an edition of 50 numbered and signed copies. 10 copies are being placed in ‘zine libraries including the British Library, Manchester University Special Collections Library and the Salford Zine Library. 25 copies are up for sale at £8 each, which if all sold will cover about half of the production costs.

You can buy a copy in the website shop, and as always you can download free pdf.