“We have to face the existence of a dangerous class into which the weaker as well as the worst members of society have a tendancy to sink. A class which, not respecting itself, does not respect others; which has nothing to lose and all to gain by anarchy; in which the lower passion seldom gratified, are ready to burst out and avenge themselves by frightful methods”

I came across this quote in the exhibition Rank: Picturing the Social Order which I blogged about at the time. Now as you can imagine, I’m not a fan of McDonald’s, but I don’t like pundits who slag off the working class for doing as they’re told and consuming McProduct. Funny how no one’s proposing a junk food tax on Waitrose. Another quote I’ve appropriated from Rank, is one from Ferdinand Mount, who in his book Mind the Gap said:

“The working class has been subjected to a sustained programme of social and institutional erosion… The vicious circle of condescension whirls on”.

Pity he writes for Rupert Murdoch’s Times. Anyroad Ferdie’s quote adorns the poster I’ve done to go with the book. Download an A4 version here for free. Buy the hardback book and let me know and I’ll send you an 18×12″ print (limited edition) or get in touch, give me some money and I’ll send one to you. Right – when are they doing Creame Egg McFlurries again?


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