Atomic Book

I collect postcards, which I use in my artworks. I’ve started using these to illustrate some of my written work and put the two together in a series of little A6 books I’ve self published using Mixam. The first is called ‘Atomic’ which includes four short essays I’ve previously posted on FaceBook and here in this blog: ‘The Sun Fell On Their Heads’ – Inspired by an exhibition on post war Japanese photography, I started reading about the background to the atomic bombing and as usual found history is never straightforward. ‘Pray For Nagasaki’ – An unintended, but ironic result of the Nagasaki bombing was to wipe out Christianity in the city. ‘The Victors Write The History (and label the exhibits)’ – Museums and history are not neutral purveyors of facts ‘Picturing Armageddon’ – Why there are so few photos of the mushroom cloud rising over Hiroshima. The books may or may not end up for sale, in the meantime I can email you a pdf. or you can have a look on Issuu at:


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