Bye bye BB


For several years I photographed CCTV for my project ‘Reality TV’. It’s impossible to discuss surveillance of any sort without talking about George Orwell’s novel 1984. So it was entirely predictable I started reading about and collecting 1984. I exhibited this collection in 2012 at Salford Art Gallery as ‘1984 Looks Like This’ and wrote about in ‘Cover Up: Cover designs of Orwell’s 1984’. As well as creating the character of Big Brother and the concept of Thought Crime, Orwell was the first to use the phrase “Cold War” which is my current interest, (see the earlier post ‘Amerika’) so it’s entirely appropriate that Reality TV and my Orwell collection leaves Airstrip One (the UK) and finds a new home in Oceania (the USA). So it’s been sold and shipped off and not a single gin sodden tear shed.


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