Class war

“Traditional war reporting risks irrelevance if it only concentrates on what can be seen, what can be photographed and filmed when the ‘real’ war is taking place elsewhere. In the 21st century war is being visualised in the language of the 1950’s and that is bad for journalism and. ultimately bad for democracy”.

Other speakers included Sean Sutton who took the large photographs on display outside of the museum and works for the Mines Advisory Group, Jon Levy from Foto8 and David Campbell who is the Professor of Political Geography at Durham. The more I go to these sort of events the more I realise it’s the ideas rather than photos which are the more interesting. So although I’ve got no interest in war photography as such, I’ve come away with food for thought. Talking of war – I’ll pretend to be asleep when a battlescarred Mrs Dave returns from Eastlands after getting beaten in the 90th minute 🙂


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