Combination Ballot Box / Paper Shredder

This is a piece I’ve got in an exhibition at The People’s History Museum, which opens next month…

‘WHAT IF VOTING CHANGED EVERYTHING?’ Ballot box that shreds votes as they are cast 45 x 30 x 30 cm, clear acrylic, paper, plastic, metal © David Dunnico 2018

American Anarchist Emma Goldman was credited with saying: “If voting changed anything they would make it illegal”.

For 100 years, since the Representation of the People Act gave most men and some women the right to vote, people have been questioning if having the vote is the same as having political power. Today, with globalisation, people are asking how much power national governments really have.

But the surprising result of the Brexit vote in the UK, and the unexpected election of Trump in the USA, mean relatively small numbers of votes may have changed everything.


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