My CCTV installation, ‘You Have Been Watching’ will be part of new exhibition that opens in 4 October 2019. ‘Exposure’ at Altrincham’s Air Gallery, explores experimental photography and camera-less methods of capturing an image at the cross over between photography and other art mediums. The piece was first shown in ‘Loitering With Intent, at The People’s History Museum. It’s an installation of two ViewMaster Stereo Reel Viewers – one shows photographs of CCTV cameras from around Manchester, the other shows the various CCTV Control Rooms which monitor the cameras shown on the first reel. The ‘game’ is to match the right camera with the right control room. The idea was to show that in the city at least all our moves are automatically photographed without us knowing. There is a booklet with the answers and a QR code which if scanned would link to a video of people looking at the exhibit.

‘You Have Been Watching’ at The People’s History Museum.


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