Googling my holiday snaps

My interest in all things surveilled obviously extends to all things Google Street View. Mrs Dave and I visited Dimbola Lodge, home of Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron on the Isle of Wight, which is sponsored by Olympus, who also have helped me with two projects. Imagine my delight to see the Google car doing its’ googling – worth a snap for the CCTV project I thought. Now no one can accuse Google of hypocrisy and being all shy about being photographed when they’re photographing everything else. The bloke drives up to me and says hello, so I can get a better snap. Anyroadup his photograph of me, photographing him, is now there for all to see on Google’s Streetview. If you’ve seen my CCTV photos, you’ll know I include the GPS co-ordinates – lacking a GPS unit, I go on Google Earth and wing it. There’s a book prize for the first person to give me the GPS co-ordinates of where we were stood (give or take a degree or two). In the Blurb book version of the CCTV project (out in a bit, start saving now).


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