Landmarked Book

Another ‘new’ book – Landmarked began life as an exhibition in 2009 at Manchester’s Central Library. I showed photographs of modern buildings in the city, which their architects had intended to become landmarks – By that I didn’t mean the buildings were necessarily any good. Many were plonked down by developers with no regard to the neighbourhood around them. The financial crash of 2008 ended much of this speculative building, but in recent years Manchester’s skyline has changed once again. Much of what is being built is speculative apartments for buy to let, so I’ve gone beyond the original brief and photographed examples of these and written a sardonic commentary to go with it. The book is in series with ‘Atomic’ and ‘New York’s Dead’ and in the same A6 48 page full colour format. If you want a pdf version send us an email, if you want a printed one you’ll have to come up and see me some time.


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