Little Book of Black Arts

This is the one-off artist’s book my last post alluded to – It’s called A Little Book of Black Arts and is a folio of faux-Polaroids of black paintings by different artists from 1617 to 2013 – you can see the paintings in the slide show in the last post. The book is a Moleskine Japanese accordion book – each of the 32 black panes has one ‘Polaroid’ mounted on it using traditional photo corners. They are arranged in order of year painted and each photograph has a caption consisting of Artist/Title/Year. There’s a short essay ruminating on black paintings glued into the front and in the back pocket there are some postcard sized photographs of black painting ephemera. These carry no caption, comment or cryptic clue as to their content. You can download a pdf of the essay here:  david-dunnico-little-black-book-extended


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