New book: Red White Black & Blue

The fourth in my 'Little Amerikas' series of books is just back from the printer and is for sale in my shop. 'Red, White, Black and Blue' tells 12 stories about modern American history and culture using postcards from my personal collection. At 124 pages it's double the size of other books in the set, but is selling for the same £7 click here to buy and as always is also available here as a free pdf download

Contents: 1. Indoctrination: Flags, flags everywhere Americans worship their flag like no one

2. Are We Not Men?: Men and monkeys in cages The time they displayed an African man in the ape house

3. Wonder Woman: Uncle Sam used to be a woman What happened to Columbia

4. Under God: The Pledge of Allegiance A way to sell more flags

5. Uncle Sam’s Invisible Empire: America takes on the World

6. The Two Americas: Martin Luther King

7. Amerika Incorporated: Who owns America?

8. Icon of Iwo Jima: The trouble with iconic images

9. Living Flags: The individual lost in the crowd

10. A Flag on the Moon: All the flags on the Moon are white

11. In Dixie Land: A contested flag The short history of Confederate flag

12: Churchill, The Bomb. and the Special Relationship: How Britain clung on to America’s coat tails


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