New booklet out now


I’ve written a 48-page booklet called ‘Best We Forget’ which takes:

“A sardonic look at how war memorials and making the military heroes is used to stop people questioning the foreign policy of their governments. Dunnico shows the absurdity and cynicism of the military mind, from Flanders Fields to the opium poppy fields of Afghanistan. He writes: ‘Millions of people were killed in the First World War. Afterwards, the people who started the war came up with ways to remember the dead that made everyone else forget who had sent them to their deaths. The Cenotaph, the Two Minutes Silence, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, poppies, war memorials, the language we use and the rituals we follow, are all supposed to help us remember people’s sacrifice. But they also help the leaders who sacrificed their own people get away with it. The “war to end all wars” ended a century ago and yet the British have been fighting and remembering to forget, ever since’.”

You can buy it on Blurb here or download a free pdf of the whole book by clicking here. (opens in new window)

A few of the lucky usual suspects will be getting a free copy in the post – if you do, please share the link to the pdf or this post on social media.


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