New York Book

The second in my series of A6-sized self published books is called ‘New York’s Dead’ – Inside are 8 sardonic short articles about death in New York City, illustrated with postcards from my collection and photographs taken on trips. It’s 48 A6 sized colour pages on 170gsm uncoated paper, with a 350gsm soft back cover. I. ‘A Beautiful Corpse’ – A tragic woman lept from the Empire State Building and became an artwork 2. ‘I Love/Hate New York’ – The contradictions of the place 3. ‘Self-Destruct’ – How the death of the city on film didn’t prepare people for the reality 4. ‘Empire’ – A series of photographs of the Empire State Building 5. ‘Raise/Lower the Flag’ – Photo series 6. ‘Post Card’ – Postcards from my collection paired with photographs I took of the scenes 7. ‘The Most Famous Woman in New York’ – (She wasn’t the Statue of Liberty) 8. ‘Fear of Flying’ – The dream of being able to fly from the airport to the centre of Manhattan ended in disaster. You can see it here on Issuu, or email me and I’ll send you a pdf.


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